Thursday, January 2, 2020

Dry January Day 2

It is 6pm on day 2 and I have not really been hit by any strong urge to drink yet.  My hangover from New Year's Eve is receding and I am feeling good and healthy.  I have cleaned and organized the house and taken my kids to the park.  I have off from work today (its a Thursday) and so far, my motivation is strong.  That said, if I was not doing dry January, I might be sipping wine while dinner prepping and likely regretting it.  I'm glad I'm not!
Post-script: After dinner tonight, not being a hazy wine-induced fog inducing laziness, I happily read 3 stories to my daughter, found her baby bunny, and cleaned her water cup out and really enjoyed it (I would have done it before but only been half there).  I then put together my son's microscope and started getting slides out.  I then hung out with him and watched basketball and got out my new "Pure Wave" percussion massager (Christmas gift to myself) and traded massages.  It was so nice and so happy to look out to my children and really connect instead of sitting in an inward looking half-present wine induced haze.  Feeling blessed.  Is anyone else out there doing "The Alcohol Experiment"?

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