Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Days 18-22

I am still with it, and doing great.  One thing not drinking has not freed up quite as much as I had hoped is more time.  though it has definitely freed up some!  I am overall feeling good and am actually getting a little worried about the end of the 30 days.  I don't want to go back to drinking, but I don't want to not drink ever again either.   I feel good now, and ultimately, the choices are easy -- I am  doing a dry January.  But what about vacations?  Lunch with my boss?  Friday nights with a girlfriend on the porch.  Happy hour?  Boating?  Etc., etc. etc.   I guess I don't need to overwhelm myself with that now.  I should remember this.  I am happy now.  I am very pleased with how my life is going and how I am feeling even though I am getting a cold sore and have a big presentation tomorrow and have stress and am tired.  I don't crave wine on an ordinary night at home already, and I LOVE THAT.  THAT MUST BE RETAINED at all costs even if it means never drinking again ( but I hope it doesn't).  That is all for now.  Tired, sleepy.

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