Sunday, January 5, 2020

Dry January Day 5

I have been calling these posts dry January, but really, in my heart I know it should extend beyond January.  That said, I haven't decided to do that yet.  And regardless, I can see already that a dry January will be nothing but a good thing.

With that in mind, it is the end of Day 5 and I am decidedly sleepy.  I hope I can sleep.  I have had some trouble, but last night was better, I only woke up once, sweating and full bladder, but just once.  I got about 7 hours and that felt great.  I feel peaceful and was not really tempted to drink today.  Spent a lot of time being present at home with kids.  Have been overeating, and still definitely not feeling myself, but not feeling bad per se either.

I have decided that I am just on this journey and I will let it see where it takes me.  I am grateful that it has been nowhere too tough yet.  But I know it may get harder later.  Tomorrow is back to work for the first time since January 1.  Going back into the routine may prove a bigger challenge.  I have been feeling all "super mom and wife" and full of love and attention and organizing, but then I've had the last 5 days off of work, so I'm not in my routine.  I'm not sure whether getting back to it will make it harder or easier, though I'm thinking probably harder!  At least as far as pouring that after work glass of wine goes.  We will see.  Goodnight for today.

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