Saturday, January 4, 2020

Dry January Day 4

Today is Saturday.  I started off the day grateful to be well rested and not hungover.  I ran to the deli nearby for coffee and bagels for everyone at 7:30 and had the most amazing hike in the foggy woods at 9:30.  The air was warm for January and the trees looked amazing.  I feel like I appreciated it in a way I would not quite have if I was hungover.

So far so good, but this afternoon/evening we took down the Christmas tree and decorations and I was hit with a  strong pang to have a glass of wine while doing it.  Prior to going dry, it would be pretty much unheard of that I would do a chore, near the evening, that was holiday-related, on a Saturday no less, without a glass of wine.  Unheard of! 

Once done, I began making dinner.  An even stronger pang to drink hit.  My husband, who drinks a lot less than me, but is doing dry January anyway said it hit him too.  I mean its Saturday night!  But we didn't drink, and once I ate, the urge pretty much passed.

Still, I am not feeling myself.  I am manic at times.  For example, I organized the attic before I could even start putting away the Christmas decorations.  This is Totally unlike me as I've never organized the attic before.  I also have not been sleeping well.  I feel very restless and not that magical good feeling I was hoping for so far.  I know this process is more complicated than "don't be hungover, feel proud and great."  I know all this, but of course it would feel good to get some of that good stuff now.  Making it  workthough, will not drink today, no way.  Not today.  And I look forward to tomorrow morning.

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