Saturday, January 11, 2020

Day 9 and 10

I have been really cranky the past two days.  Angry at work and on Day 9 especially, wanting a drink.  In a word, pretty crabby.  I think the enthusiasm of the first week wore off and reality set in.  It didn't help also that I just completed my first full week of back to work.  But you know what, its Day 11 morning as I write this, and I think it's passing.  The boredom and malaise and depression from feeling like I don't have many good friends and am realizing I don't like my job is something I am noting.  I did not try to "create" happiness by having wine on a bad day.  Instead, I wondered if perhaps I should think about making changes.  Instead, I decided to just live with it and see where it went.  Today is Saturday and I just went for a lovely kayak and felt almost giddy.  And last night I did not have the night sweats for the first time.  I am happy right now and taking it one day at a time.

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