Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Dry January Day 8

Day 8!  I made it past a week.  I was hit with a few strongish pangs to drink tonight.  First when I was on line in the cold and dark to board the ferry at 5:30 and later when I came home and felt an emptiness because I wasn't really looking forward to anything and had to have an awkward talk with my nanny where I needed reprimand her.  But I did not give in, and interestingly, I pretty much never drank on the ferry anyway at 5:30, but it was a trigger because I started thinking about what I would do when I got home and I had no wine.

Ended up making a mediocre dinner but had fun playing with my kids and was a good mom and wife.  Its only 8:15 or so and I am tired and just want to read.

I always wondered whether it was the wine drinking that made me so unproductive during the weekday nights, but I'm seeing now that I am just legitimately tired after an hour and 45 minute commute in the winter dark, making dinner, checking homework and putting kids to bed.  Wine or no wine.  So tonight I am just going to relax and not ruin my energy tomorrow too by drinking wine.  Maybe read a book. :)

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